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Guest Music Industry Public Speakers


Guest speaker music industry professionals conduct a 1-1.5 hour structured power-point accompanied motivational session with handouts and take home material sharing insight on how to get into the music industry, potential challenges that might be faced, effective practice strategies to maintain consistent progress and improvement, how to combat stage fright/nerves, how to perform/put on a show and stage craft strategies.

Guest speakers are industry professionals that will present an immersive and inclusive talk to inspire students to continue their music education pathways and further their collaboration in bands and ensembles.

Our team of guest speakers go through select training and will be chosen to align with your school's musical background. We have speakers with Classical, Jazz and Rock/Contemporary experience.

Band/Ensemble Development Workshops


Trained music teachers with Working With Children Checks work with your school bands and ensembles offering valuable insight and practice/collaboration and performance strategies that students can implement to further their performance, stage craft and general musical journey. Our multi-instrumental teachers can also offer advice to students on how to develop certain musical sections in a song that a student might be struggling with, emphasising the use of dynamics, helping students with their 'tone'  etc...

Our team of industry professionals go through select training to align with best practice teaching strategies. Melbourne Music Academy will appoint the most suitable music teacher to align with your school's musical background. We have industry professionals that specialise in Classical, Jazz and Rock/Contemporary music.

Online Coaching/Mentoring


Ongoing or once-off online consultations with music industry professionals working with school students as well as adult musicians returning to the industry offering solutions to help elevate the client's musical journey and help implement modern and effective practice techniques and strategies to further the client's music career.

The session content is tailored to each individual, but the most common things that our clients want to know about are:

  • How to get into a band or where to find other like minded band members

  • The importance of being a stylistically versatile musician etc

  • The importance of being a stylistically versatile musician

  • Building a student's own unique brand and sound

  • How to navigate the challenges of using backline gear etc....

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