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Many schools benefit from having an external instrumental music program. Offering extra-curricular Instrumental Music lessons not only raises the profile and esteem of the school to the wider community, but it also opens the door of opportunity for enrolled students to have music within their reach. Through the experiences of music, students gain knowledge and skills that can make for a more fulfilling wholistic education.

Furthermore, music educators have identified music’s ability to improve co-ordination and reading skills as well as mental and physical abilities. Learning a musical instrument is a viable strategy for today’s classroom as it creates an opportunity for students to engage in alternative thought processes and patterns, as well as further developed cognitive skills.

So why should you trust us to be your Instrumental Music program provider?

We're extremely proud to be one of the most well respected, inclusive and dynamic Instrumental Music Program providers for Primary and Secondary schools all over Melbourne and to put it quite simply: It's because we care.

We care about music education as a positive extra-curricular experience for students, but more specifically, we care because:


  • We understand that music education has so many proven social, musical, academic and neurological benefits for students who learn music.

  • We understand that to motivate and inspire students to engage in music, we need to be implementing a curriculum that is contemporary and fun, and engages students to want to continue and be the best musicians that they can be while having their lessons tailored to their own unique learning style.

  • We understand that to deliver high quality music programs, we need music teaching staff that are carefully screened and selected based on their qualifications but more importantly, their experience to deliver fun and inspiring music lessons where students feel comfortable and supported to progress at their own pace.

  • We also understand the need for consistency: 

  1. Consistency for your school to have regular reliable instrumental music staff each and every week/term/year (that's us!!) 

  2. Reliable consistent customer service for parents (that's also us!!) and most of all.... 

  3. A consistent and positive attitude that allows your students to flourish and excel on their instrument while enjoying the gift of music education :-) 

Music teaches valuable concepts to students which they can connect and apply to existing learning outcomes, as well as building self-esteem, inclusion and collaboration skills.  Our programs are taught by friendly and professional teachers that cater to all types of learning styles and abilities with a structured syllabus that is engaging and inspiring to students. We also offer music exam opportunities with both AMEB and ANZCA examination organisations. 

We teach a range of instruments and provide total program management, including:

  • Customising a music program for your school including an obligation free demonstration.

  • Arranging all music timetables to suit your curriculum (eg. rotating music lesson timetables so that students don't miss out on the same subject each week)

  • Providing fully qualified and experienced teachers who are trained in Victoria's Child Safe Standards and have Working With Children Checks.

  • Providing digital keyboards and acoustic/electric guitars (if needed) free of charge for students to use during their lessons.

  • Online enrolment and payments for parents/guardians.

  • Annual music concerts for students to showcase their progress to family and friends with professional sound and lighting. All parents get a free downloadable link to their child's performance video. These concerts encourage students to build their performance skills as well as public speaking skills.

  • Written progress reports at the end of Term 2 and Term 4 that keep parents/guardians connected to their child's music education.

  • Branded practice diaries for all students. These diaries enable teachers to set weekly practice tasks so that students know how to efficiently practice at home. The diaries also have a 'practice log' where students can log down their weekly practice. Parents and Teachers also use the diaries for weekly written communication.

Please enquire to see how we can help implement Instrumental Music at your school.

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