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Maintaining A Connection With Your Child's Music Teacher

The age old business model for music lessons is that parents accompany their children to a weekday after hours music lesson, or music lessons on Saturdays perhaps, and this allows parents to sit in on the lesson each week if they'd like. Not only does this allow the parent/carer to build a connection with their child's music teacher but it also helps parents to understand what is expected of their child regarding weekly practice and allows the opportunity for conversations around potentially making slight adjustments to the particular student's lesson curriculum if needed etc

Although having music lessons that operate on a rotating timetable during school hours is incredibly convenient for parents, it can be argued that the parent's ability to build a connection with their child's music teacher and their ability to understand the finer details of the commitment that is expected from their child greatly diminishes, however here at Melbourne Music Academy since when we were founded in 2011, we've implemented 4 successful ways that parents can be more involved in their child's music education.

  1. Parents can write back and forth each week with their child's music teacher in the student's Home Playing Diary. This enables teachers to provide support and encouragement to the student by enabling the teacher to set very clear and descriptive home playing practice tasks each week so that the student and the parent can read exactly what they should be practicing each week.

  2. Parents are able to email their child's music teacher at any time to express any concerns or receive any guidence with all teachers replying in less than one business day.

  3. Parents are able to receive a scheduled phone call from their child's music teacher at a suitable time.

  4. Parents are able to schedule a time to meet their child's music teacher either before the start of the teaching day, or at the end.

This is our way of ensuring that all parents can remain connected to their child's music teacher and their child's music education.

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